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Peddler's Pack Craft Kit #6
Directions for Snowman Treat box and how to make a candle with the Snowman in Snowflake Frame. Apply double stick 1/4" tape around open frame and on the two side tabs as shown.  Remove tape around frame and apply the acetate window. Color and cut out the Snowman panel and glue or tape on top of the box.  Crease score lines, assemble box and add candy, gift card or ? This image  could also be a picture frame or gift tag!
To make a Snowman candle, stamp the image onto white tissue paper using StazOn black ink. Next, color the image with chalks or color pencils and tear out around the edges. Double layer a piece of wax paper and wrap around the candle to hold the tissue.  Hold tissue "handle" in back and apply heat with a heat tool.  Move the heat as soon as the image melts into the wax. Remove wax paper.  The white candle measures 6" tall x 2".
Apply Crystal Stickles to frame and pom pom on hat.  That's it!  For gift giving I place t…